Job Oriented Courses After 12th Class: Career Building Courses for Arts/Science/Commerce

Imagine This! A student who has studied at the same school for 12 long years has passed out with distinction. Now he or she has a make or break choice. What kind of higher education or job oriented courses after 12th class should be pursued for achieving career success and for settling down in life ?

Students facing this tough question would be around 16 to 18 years of age. Teenage years can be confusing and making a life-impacting decision without thought and guidance can be disastrous.

Don’t Rush Into Making A Decision :

  • You may think, ” I have done this before.” I opted for the right stream after Class X. So, What is the big deal now?
  • Fascination for Science, Profitability of Commerce, and Learning Capacity for Humanities/Arts may have attracted you to pursue a stream back in school.
  • The important thing to do now is to assess where you stand this moment.
  • How did you perform in Class XI and Class XII? Are you satisfied with your results and merit standing?  Have you noticed any discernible change in your attitude to academic streams ?
  • Ask the above-mentioned questions and then make a decision regarding the suitable academic stream after 12th.

Decision Should Be Aided By Precision :

  • Do not waste too much time after exams. You can do a self-assessment study to figure out your personality type and aptitude.
  • Try to take a test and have it evaluated qualitatively to figure out your attitude. You can always figure out your aptitude with the more popular marks-based tests.
  • The ambitious aspirants can try IQ, Mensa, and other online aptitude tests.
  • The interested candidates can always attempt the previous entrance exam papers related to national level higher education.
  • If you are confident and sure about the consistency of your academic inclinations, then you can be straightforward like this –
    • The Art stream students can consider art, management, humanities, media, journalism,  fashion, and tourism for their higher education.
    • The PCB or Biology students can aspire for a career in medicine, pharmaceuticals, scientific research and development, or latest technological studies in Genetics, Microbiology, BT, etc.
    • The PCM or Math students can aim for higher studies in Engineering,  Information Technology, Architecture, Graduation programmes in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, etc.,
  • All the students who finished 12th can also change their academic stream and pursue further studies in management, law, fashion, social work, textiles, and library science.

List Of Options Available After 12th Standard:

The following list of options can be considered for exercising a choice after 12th Class-

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Medical and Veterinary Science
  • Management and Business Studies
  • Science Graduation
  • Commerce Bachelors

Math, Logic, and Analysis:

If your foundation is strong in mathematics, physics, logical reasoning, and analytical skills, then you should seriously consider pursuing Engineering. A penchant for formulae, numbers, and theory has to be combined with the desire to design, invent, build, maintain, process, and improve systems, devices materials, and machines. The specializations are listed below –

  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Food Technology
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Textile Engineering

Market Trends, Biz Buzz, Graphs, and Charts:

Management studies should be taken up by students who aspire for nation building, prosperity, power, and international travel. This popular stream for higher studies requires numerical, communication, social, analytical, decision-making, and other transferable skills along with pragmatism and a practical approach. Challenging and responsible positions in corporations and private organizations can be sought by succeeding in the following specializations and disciplines –

  • BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Finance Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Event Management
  • Marketing Management
  • International Business Management
  • Operations Management
  • Retail Management

I Want To Help, Serve And Heal !:

Medical professions require commitment, long hours of study, service-orientation, helpful nature and compassion. Discipline and determination have to be consistent and meritorious results can ensure a satisfying and rewarding career in Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals,  Nursing Homes, and Research Laboratories. Independence can also be cherished by practising in private after studying for any of the following –

  • MBBS
  • BDS
  • BHMS
  • BAMS
  • Nursing
  • BUMS
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medical Lab Technician
  • Occupational Therapy

Degrees For Pedigree:

You might have heard elders say things like – get a degree, graduate first then you can party, go to college and finish your studies, we will see about business later, etc., The desire to graduate and collect a recognised and reputed degree or diploma is found everywhere. The number of courses and colleges that offer this opportunity is a testimony to this fact.

Graduate studies can be pursued in Science, Arts, Commerce, and Humanities before seeking greener pastures in terms of a job, self-employment, or research activity.

Science :

Science should be studied in order to be innovative, inventive, and to develop a sharp mind. The following specific subjects can be pursued based on aptitude –

  • B. Sc., B. Sc. (Hons.)
  • Biotechnology
  • BCA
  • Pharmacy
  • Dairy Technology
  • Naturopathy & Yogic Science


Commerce is the life blood of any modern nation. Understanding money, accounts, and economics is vital for successful functioning of any legal ,social, political and technological organization. Commercial understanding of competitive markets opens up new avenues and job opportunities in various private and public sectors. The following professional and service oriented courses can be pursued by Commerce stream students after 12th.

  • B.Com
  • CS (Company Secretary)
  • CA (Chartered Accountant)
  • B.El.Ed.– Bachelor of Elementary Education.
  • B.SW.– Bachelor of Social Work.
  • D.El.Ed.– Diploma in Elementary Education.

Arts & Humanities:

Ambition has to be tempered by talent and creativity has to be unleashed. Arts and Humanities can be pursued by socially active, service-oriented, politically-inclined, and artistic students. The successful graduates can find fruitful positions in Academia, or in Entertainment and Hospitality sectors. They can always seek self-employment using their honed skills and talents. Some of the best options in this stream include media, cultural studies, animation, painting, photography and cookery. The following subjects can be perused for choosing the best option based on talent and desire –

  • Law Courses
  • Languages
  • Mass Communication
  • Aviation & Hospitality Management
  • Visual Arts
  • Animation & Multimedia
  • Hotel Management & Catering
  • Fashion Technology
  • Literary Arts
  • Performing Arts

Best Wishes and Be Lucky!

What is Group Discussion? Why Group Discussion is Important in Interview Process?

Today there is a new trend in almost every recruitment selection process that is group discussion. But majority of us don’t have a clear idea about “ What is Group discussion ? ” We stuck when we hear that there is a group discussion round in the selection process. But it  is a major tool for the selectors to check some qualities of the candidates. It is art to represent your thought in a simple and attractive way before everyone.

Here in this article we going to explore the meaning of Group discussion.

Almost every company private or public arrange a group discussion round for the aspirants to check some natural traits of the aspirants.

In a group discussion round, a topic is given to the group and asked them to tell about the topic one by one and interviewer will prepare a report on the basis of this discussion. Aspects which make up a Group Discussion are:

  • Cooperation
  • Verbal Communication
  • Conformation to norms
  • Nonverbal behavior
  • Decision making ability

Why Group Discussion is Important?

Group discussion opens up a person’s different inherit skills. After checking your conceptual skills and qualification the authorities are arranging Group discussion to gauges the aspirants whether they are fit for the responsibility or not. Suppose a Manager has to run a team so here only qualifications are not enough, his leadership, communication & interpersonal skills are important. So many recruiters make the group discussion round compulsory. From this round they can check the

  1.   Communication skills
  2.    Leadership Skills
  3.    Team Building Skills
  4.    Reasoning ability
  5.    Initiative
  6.    Flexibility
  7.    Interpersonal Skills
  8.    Motivational Skills
  9.    Analytical /Logical Skills
  10.  Different Thinking
  11.  Assertiveness
  12.  Creativity
  13.  Ability to think on one’s feet

Interviewer will check how good you can explain your point, your attitude towards others view, how you are communicating with the rest of the aspirants, and the attitude towards the participation in the discussion. The only advice to handle this type of situation is try to be as true as possible to these aspects.

Best Of Luck for all of you from Careersplus Team for your next group discussion. For more about group discussion keep your eye on this section. Few more are coming soon.

Tips to Answer Most commonly Asked Bank Personal Interview Questions

Bank Interviews usually cover each and every aspects of the Candidate. Like if a person attends an bank interview, the questions will vary from qualification, experience, native place, politics, sports, financial services, about bank, general knowledge, etc. So when you are going for an interview, you have to be fully prepared. You can refer questions and answers on the Internet to make yourself fully prepared. We have compiled Bank Personal Interview Questions and Answers.

  • Please tell us something about yourself ?

This question is the most asked one in every sort of Interview where the interviewer is keen to know about the Interviewee. Although, this question is just about yourself but never to speak for  hours on this topic. The answer should be just 5 to 6 liners comprising of experience, qualification, residence, hobbies, and family background.

  • Where have you come from and what is famous in your city?

Here the interviewer has asked you about your residence, your natives and the famous in your city. Begin with the place you resided when you were kid that is your native place.. First you have to obtain the full knowledge about your natives and what is famous there. So for example, if you are from Ratnagiri then you can explain them about the terrain, surrounding, famous fruit, famous monuments, etc.

  • Why do you want to join the banking industry?

Well, Working in a bank will surely get you more rapport. While going for a Bank Personal Interview, the interviewer might ask you about the reason why you decide to join the banking sector. The Banking sector has its own benefits and is one of the most reputable job. The reason why the Interviewer wants to know the answer for this question is that he wants to know how ambitious you are. Now the answer for this question is easy. The banking sector provides reputable job position and a stable career with growth prospect.

There are various reasons for joining the banking industry which includes good working conditions, honest organization, active interaction with public, better growth prospects, etc.

  • What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Every interviewer ask you this question to know your strengths and weaknesses. While stating the keywords, you have to ensure that the cross questioning from the interviewer end might get you in trouble. You have to mention your strengths and weaknesses which are required to be professional. You weaknesses should not be negative as it may create a bad impression on the interviewer.

  • After doing MBA / MA / B.Tech / B.Sc. why do you want to choose banking?

To answer this question, you will have to research about the work culture in the banking sector. If you have done B.Sc or B.Tech, you can literally apply for any job as there is a much broader scope. however, if you choose banking sector then there might be a question from the interviewer side who wants to know the reason.

To answer the question, you can start from the boons and benefits you might observe while working in banking sector. Jobs in banking industry are growth prospects and with career opportunities so great with lots of benefits and higher paycheck, banking sector is very lucrative. While going for a banking interview, you need be completely prepared as they might ask your about what you studied in the college during your graduation or masters degree.

  • What are the basic documents a person requires to open an account?

When going for a banking job, you are required to be completely prepared about each aspects of banking. This is one of the easiest question asked on any banking interview which involves documents which are required to open an account in any bank. As per the RBI guidelines, the documents which are required in order to open an account is a photograph, Aadhaar Card, identity proof, address card, etc. Proving this point will help the interviewer recognize the potential you possess which will help in your selection. You can elaborate by saying that without these documents, the person might be unable to open an account. Having a bank account will be favorable as you will be familiar with the procedure involves in opening an account.

  • Who is the governor of RBI ?

This is a general knowledge question. The interviewer will be asking this question to know how much knowledge you have regarding current affairs. While going for a banking interview, you have to know plenty of information on current affairs that will help you get the attention of the interviewer and it will impress him as well. When asked who is the current RBI governor, the answer if Raghuram Rajan since September 2013. Although mentioning the dates will give a detailed touch, it is not always mandatory as remembering all the dates might make you confused.

  • What do you understand by the GDP of the country ?

Going for a banking interview requires detailed knowledge of recent happenings and key points. To answer this question, you have to go to the interview and search for GDP which is an abbreviation for Gross Domestic Product which is the calculation of investments, consumption, and exports and imports.

  • Tell me something about our bank?

You have to completely prepared for this question. Research about the bank, the work culture it follows and the CEO of the bank as the interviewer show keen interest on what you know about the bank for which you are attending the interview. A little knowledge about the organization might help you to impress the interviewer and which will result in your selection if you have correctly portrayed your interest to join the company.

  • Where do you see yourself after five years from now?

Being ambitious is not a bad thing. In fact it will help the interviewer to select you. You can explain the about your goals to achieve and what would you be doing next after five years from now. Comments like I will be on your seat after five year will help the interviewer to reject you and hence, you should answer it intelligently. You can say that you are here to make long-term relations with the bank and would love to achieve growth based on your performance.

Do’s and Don’ts Of Group Discussion – Mistakes to Avoid During GD

In the following article we will be discussing about the Do’s and Don’ts of Group Discussion. As we all know group discussion and personal interview are the ultimate rounds for the final selection of the students thus Group discussion is the stepping stone to get more closer to your dream job. We all know that group discussion plays an important role to get job to your dream company as GD evaluates a candidates on certain personality traits and skills that are required for a manager.

In this article we will be discussing more about the do’s & don’ts of GD:

Do’s in Group Discussion:

  1. Be a good listener
  2. Think and organize the matter  what you are going to say.
  3. If you have doubts always seek clarification
  4. Be as natural as possible. Be yourself.
  5. Try to start the discussion so that you catch the attention at the very start of the discussion
  6. In group discussion all wants to hear from you but be polite while delivering the speech
  7. Be careful about your body language as it will speak more than you
  8. Before attending any group discussion burnish your language, it should be clear and fluent
  9. At the beginning only ask about the meaning of the topic properly if not getting in the first time ask once again .
  10. Be assertive
  11. Always be polite: try your level best that you should not use phrases like :`I disagree’ or  `I strongly object’. Bettr if you can say:  “I beg to differ with you” or “`I would like to share my views on”
  12. Listen calmly to others’ opinions and do not be aggressive.

The interviewer will check the participants

  • Alertness
  • Presence Of Mind,
  • Abilities of Problem-Solving,
  • Ability To Work with a Team
  • Creativity.

Don’ts in Group Discussion:

  1. Do not try and be someone you are not
  2. Don’t lose sight of the goal of the discussion.
  3. Never lose your temper and never attack anyone on a personal front. Your attitude should be cooperating not conflicting
  4. Do not use high vocabulary
  5. Don’t lose your calm temper if anyone says anything you object to.
  6. Never take anything personally here
  7. Not knowing is not a problem , do not try to bluff
  8. Do not criticize on religion
  9. Never use technical language while speaking
  10. Do not criticize foreign policy of India
  11. Don’t give any decision better to arise a question
  12. Don’t start speaking until you have clearly understood and analyzed the subject.
  13. Do not show surprises.

Here are some of the tips to crack Group Discussion:

  1. Increase your general knowledge it will help you in active participation
  2. Before speaking Understand and analyze the topic mentally
  3. Be clear about your viewpoint
  4. Your tune should not be loud but it should be audible and clear
  5. Remember the points of effective communication — Clarity, Conciseness, Completeness, Confidence, Courtesy and Correctness
  6. Most important thing during delivering the speech is that keep eye contact with everyone.
  7. Be open-minded responsive to ideas from other people
  8. Always maintain your calm  attitude
  9. Listen to all criticisms calmly and think about the point raised once then place your view
  10. Before attending any Group Discussion, try some mock test so that you will be aware of the process of the Group Discussion.

All the Best!!!

XAT Notification 2020: Application, Registration Process, Exam Dates, Pattern, Syllabus

XAT Notification 2020: Xavier School of Management (XLRI) conducts the XAT 2020 written exam for admission into management courses at XLRI, affiliated institutes and more than 100 B-schools. Interested candidates can register and apply at the official website of XLRI before the closing date. Candidates have to fill up the application form and make payment of the specified amount of fee through online or offline modes. Candidates who pay through DD have to download, print, and submit the online application confirmation page using ordinary post/speed post/courier.

The written exam will be held on 8th January, 2020 and the admit cards are issued from 20th December, 2020 to all the successful applicants. NRI and foreign candidates have to apply through their GMAT score only. Candidates from Kathmandu and Dubai do not need the GMAT score as XAT 2020 is held in these cities along with all major cities of India. As per the XAT 2020 notification, Candidates receive admission into management schools at the discretion of authorities based on the merit score in the written exam.

Course Details:

As per the XAT 2020 notification, The following details related to the management courses are tabulated –

Sl. No Courses Eligibility Criteria Institutes /Schools
1 Business Management (BM) Bachelor’s Degree Of 3 Yrs. Or Equivalent;
NRI/Foreign Students – GMAT Score
Valid XAT Score Is Accepted At XLRI, XAT Associated Institutes And 100+  B-Schools
2 Human Resource Management (HRM)
3 General Management Programme (GMP)

Required Qualification:

In addition to the above mentioned eligibility criteria, the following details are provided as per the XAT 2020 notification –

  • Candidates require a minimum 3 yrs. bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline from recognised institutes/colleges/universities.
  • Candidates who finished their final examination by the 10th June of 2020 are also eligible to apply for XAT 2020.
  • Candidates who are interested in GMP programme of XLRI require a total experience of 5 years till  31st March 2020.
  • NRI and foreign candidates have to apply through their GMAT score excluding candidates from Dubai and Kathmandu who can opt for XAT 2020.

Selection Process:

The following selection procedure for Management Courses can be studied by the interested applicants –

  • Candidates who apply before the last date are only considered for selection.
  • Candidates should ensure they opt for XLRI courses by specifying the same in the application form during submission.
  • Candidates  from Dubai and Kathmandu who appear for XAT 2020 without GMAT are also considered as eligible.
  • Selection is done by the respective Managements based purely on the merit scores in the XAT 2020 written exam.

Written Exam Pattern And Marks:

  • In Part A, The candidate’s’ Verbal and Logical Abilities, Quantitative Ability, Decision Making  and Data Interpretation skills are tested.
  • There are 78 questions for a duration of 170 minutes with following negative marking scheme –
    • Students have a choice of not attempting 13 questions in order to avoid negative marking.
    • For each wrong answer score is deducted by 0.25 marks and by 0.05 marks for more than 13 un-attempted questions.
  • In Part B, 25 questions testing General Knowledge along with an essay have to be answered within 35 Minutes. There is no negative marking in this section.

Application Fee:

The XAT 2020 notification provides the following details for the application fee –

Fee Amount Only For XAT 2020 Rs 1600/-
Additional Fee Amount For each XLRI Programme Rs 300/- each
Online Payment Mode VISA/Debit Card/Master Credit Or IDBI Net banking
Cash Payment Mode IDBI Deposit Using XAT Pay-In-Slip
DD Payment Mode Favouring “XLRI Jamshedpur A/c XAT” And Payable At Jamshedpur.

How to Apply:

The candidates can take note of the following sequence of steps for application –

  • Candidate can visit the official website using the following link –
  • Click on Register and create a new account by providing the personal email id
  • Candidate will receive a unique XAT ID along with a registration link.
  • Click the registration link and create a safe and personal password.
  • The XAT ID and password are required for subsequent logins.
  • Candidates who are interested in XLRI have to select the programme of their choice from the following – Business Management (BM)/Human Resource Management (HRM)/General Management Programme (GMP).
  • Online payment has to be made next through net banking or credit/debit cards.
  • Applicants who pay using cash deposit or DD have to update the payment details in the registration page.
  • Candidates can print the XAT confirmation page and use XAT ID for all future correspondence.
  • Candidates who paid using modes other than the DD are not required to submit the confirmation page by postal service.
  • Send Confirmation page and the Demand Draft to the following address within fifteen days from the issuance of DD –

 The Chairperson Admission, XLRI, Circuit House Area (East), Jamshedpur- 831001. 

Important Dates:

The following significant dates have been tabulated as per the XAT 2020 notification –

Starting Date For Online Application 17th August 2020
Last Date For Application Without Late Fee 30th November 2020
Last Date For Application With Late Fee 11th December 2020
Download Date For Admit Cards 20th December 2020
Date And Time Of Exam 8th January 2020 , 10 AM To 1:30 PM

Important Links:

The link to the official website of XAT is at :

IES Exam Pattern 2020 – IES Exam Preparation

IES Exam (Indian Engineering Services) that is conducted by Union Public Service Comission or commonly called UPSC is one of the toughest exams among Indian exam. This exam is usually given by those students who either want to be an IES officer or want to contribute to public sector economy like in Indian railways,Roads and transports, Indian military Services and in various Indian services Organisations.So, if you are going to give this examination then you can get IES Exam Pattern 2020 from here which will help you to give the examination.

Student who are looking for details about the IES Exam must look at here to know about the IES 2020 Exam Pattern details from here so that you can get knowledge about the exam and about how to give the IES Examination.

IES Exam Pattern 2020

IES Exam is examination held for the graduates engineers who want to contribute for public sector economy it is one of the difficult exam conducted by UPSC. So, the level of examination is itself to tough but it is not impossible to crack the examination all just it need is a dedication and hard work.

The IES Exam Pattern 2020 contains the following exams, so here the details of exam with their marks are given-

The IES Exam is used to happen like this, basically this examination contains:-

Total marks:- 1200

1.Written Test:-

Duration:- 2 hours for each paper

Days:- 3 Days as( 1Day-paper I, 2Day-paperII & III and on day 3- Paper IV & V)


(Objective Type)

 General Ability Test

(Part A: General English)

(Part B: General Studies)

Marks 200
 Paper II & III

(Objective Type)

 Civil Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/

Electrical Engineering/Electronics & Tele-

communication Engineering

 Marks 200

for each paper

 Paper IV & V


 Civil Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/

Electrical Engineering/Electronics & Tele-

communication Engineering

  Marks 200

for each paper

  Total marks for written Examination   1000 marks

2.Personality test or interview: – Under this the candidates has to give the interview and several other verification has been done.


The examination is conducted in this way listed above till the 3 days students have to prepare it accordingly and you have to work hard to qualify all this examination as they are not easy to crack but if you want to qualify then prepare them gently and with full devotion as all they need is full attention and devotion .

If you are preparing for it know then must look at UPSC IES Exam 2020 Application Form |Importants Dates.

IES Exam 2020 Preparation:-

By using the IES exam Pattern you are surely get aware by the level of this examination which is not that easy in fact it is amongst the toughest competitive exam it needs lots of hard work and mind as this exam can only qualify the studying and learning things gently as a single mistake can make you loose the examination seat ,so all you need to me more attentive towards the exam. IES Exam 2020 Preparation requires all is to look at standard books for the desired stream you are going to give the examination have special preparation for general English and general studies,it is good if you can join a good institute and test series so that you can have a better knowledge and understanding.

You can also get information regarding this exam from the official website i.e and also tell us by mentioning in the comments below. We will surely advice you as soon as possible and in case you are required more such information then let us know, we hopefully provide you.To get the latest updates of this exam and other exam connect us on facebook as well as here also.

UPSE IES Exam 2020 – Exam Date – Eligibility Criteria – Important Details

IES Exam is an Indian Engineering Service Examination is an entrance examination that is conducted by the UPSC i.e Union Public Service Comission which is given by the graduates who want to work under the Government of India. This is a competitive examination given by the students to get a recruit in Indian Engineering Services(IES).UPSC IES Exam is used to held every year in the month of June.

IES Exam is given by those graduates who want to work in Indian services organisation and give a large segment to public sector economy like Indian Railways, road and transports, Central services, Military services and soon.You can check here all the important details related to this examination from here like UPSE IES Exam 2106 Application Form, Exam Date, Eligibility criteria details.

UPSC IES Exam 2020 Application form:-

UPSC IES Exam is used to held every year in the month of June.That student who are preparing for this examination should know about the examination form are going to available in the month of April as the notification are about to come in the month of itself. So, Students can get their UPSC IES  Exam 2020 Application form from here itself as per they are available, till then you should be focused on your studies. IES Exam 2020 is used to happen in the similar ways as they are no further changes have been made but be connected to get the latest details and look below to know about  the IES Exam Important Details.

If you are confused to how to fill the IES Exam form, and searching for how to apply for IES exam then you are at the right place you can get the answer of all such questions from here. As students are usually confused how to apply and when to apply for the examination then read out this article and get aware for the various details regarding this examination.

IES Exam 2020 Important Dates:-

Student who are going to give this exam must look at here to get the IES Exam 2020 Important Details as this will help to apply for the examination as you should be aware of them otherwise you can miss that so be attentive towards the exam dates.Here, are the list Important Dates for IES exam that you must be known.

Sno.  task /notice Important date
 1.  Date of Notification  March,2020
 2.  Date of recipt of Applications  April,2020
 3.  Commencement of examination  June,2020


What is the Application Fee for IES Examination?

IES Exam Application is not costly, you can apply according to you desired category and gender as the exam fee is different for all candidates according to their caste and gender as the fee is-

General & OBC category:- 200 rps/-

SC/ST/P.hd/All female candidates: –  No fee or free for all this candidates.

Eligibility Criteria for IES Exam 2020:-

Eligibility is one of the basic and important criteria required for any examination so the students must be aware of it as in case you are not eligible for that examination then you are not allowed to give the examination or you can be disqualified after verification. So, must look at here to know about the Eligibility Criteria for IES Exam 2020 as this will help you to get clear that you are eligible or not.

Age Limit: – Must be of 21-30 years on the 1st January of Examination.

Educational Qualifications:-

  • B.Tech/B.E or passed Section A and B of the Institution Examinations of the Institution of Engineers(India).
  • Obtained a degree/diploma in Engineering from such foreign University/College/Institution and under such conditions as may be recognised by the Government for the purpose from time to time,or
  • Passed Graduate Membership Examination of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers(India); or
  • Passed Associate Membership Examination Parts II and III/sections A and B of the Aeronautical Society of India; or
  • Passed Graduate Membership Examination of the Institution of Electronics and Radio Engineers,London held after November,1959.

Note: – if you are preparing for this examination then must look at IES Exam Pattern 2020 & Preparation

UPSC IES Exam 2106 Important details:-

This exam is one of the toughest examination so if you want to qualify this examination then you must be attentive towards your preparation tips and must be well focused ,you must know about the exam pattern ans exam details and you can get more information about this exam from the official website as well and in our articles as well.

Note;- All information is provided from the official website of  UPSC IES who are conducting this examination every year ,you can also get the important details from there or ask us ,in case you are having any query regarding this examination them let us know or you can also have a look on IES Exam Pattern & Preparation ,we hopefully help you soon or you can mention in comments below or connect us on facebook at Get Career Khabar page to get the latest notifications.

Becoming a professor: Is it a good idea?

Professorship is a fabulous job, undoubtedly. The respect and satisfaction of moulding the young minds of future is immense and unmatchable. However, before you set out for a path of glory in this field it is essential to understand the various facets of being a professor.

It is easy to look at the front of your lecture hall and think that being a professor is such a good job. Your next thoughts would have been to reach the place where your professors are right now. There are a number of things if one knows beforehand can save a lot of time and resources later. As far your imagination goes, it should be understood that this career path is neither as easy to pursue nor as much fun as it looks. It involves a lot of hard work and intelligent efforts to reach a respectable position. Here are some things that you should understand before pursuing this career:

Qualification required for becoming a Professor

The first thing people should clearly understand is that there is a huge difference between being a teacher and being a professor. While anyone can become a teacher with a simple Bachelor in education it requires at least a doctorate i.e. a PhD to think about becoming a professor. What does that mean? First you have to complete the bachelor’s, and then follow it with a Master’s degree, most preferably an honours degree and then applying for a doctoral work. While getting admission in PhD and finding a suitable mentor is tough, completing the PhD is even tougher. There are very tough examinations to pass and then the most important part is the dissertation.

The dissertation is approximately a study of the length of a book that contributes significantly to the discipline. It is a way of showing that you have mastered the discipline and now are capable of contributing to it as a professional. Just dissertation is not enough. You will also have to start publishing articles related to your field. These articles you may publish as a co-author with your doctoral mentor. If writing original articles is not possible then you will have to rewrite a paper that you wrote for a course or publish a chapter from your dissertation once the dissertation is over.

During this time you can also get some teaching experience by joining as an assistant professor at some good college, or at your own college.

Securing a job

If getting a PhD was tough getting an academic job as a professor is equally difficult. There is huge competition in the university job market as there are a number of PhDs produced every year and there are those PhD who been hanging around from the last few years. Besides, universities are hiring in niche areas and that’s why even a PhD in Economics doesn’t mean you can apply to any opening in Economics department of any university. You will have to be more specific about your area of specialization in economics.   This is why most PhDs do not get a professorship right out of their university. Until you get that, you can spend your time teaching students by becoming assistant professor to someone who mentored you or any other professor.

These jobs may be part-time appointments which although would not pay very well but will be enough to scratch a living out of the money. There are full-time limited term positions also with better salaries and if you have got luck on your side you might also be able to get a post-doctoral fellowship or scholarship that will enable you to continue your research in the university while you look for jobs.

To increase your chances of getting a job you should be willing to relocate to the other side of the country. This will increase your reach and it will let you apply to a job where you might be one of few highly qualified applicants instead of one of many.

Life as a professor

If you successfully made it through the numerous papers, tests, and interviews to get a job as a professor, life will be not that hard anymore. Professorship is a job worth having that constantly offers a chance to grow through research and teaching. Although you will have to attend to long meetings, deliver tiring lectures and solve student’s problems, you still will enjoy all the challenges.

For a full time opportunity, the money offered is also decent. In addition, there is plenty of time to continue your research, author and publish books and opportunity to travel. You will also get the chance to meet a lot of other brilliant scholars and like-minded people who will further fuel your thirst to grow. Who knows, one of your research might become a breakthrough and may propel your name for a Nobel Prize? Or maybe you become an author of a bestselling book? However, all these possibilities are only possible if you are willing to put in extraordinary hard work and a lot of time into your subjects. For those who are passionate, this should not be a big problem and for those who find it impossible were never too passionate about their subjects.

Best 5 Mathematic Books for B Tech 1st Year Students

Welcome back to our new post Best 5 Mathematics Books for B Tech 1st Year Students. After Publish Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India we decide to publish B Tech Subject books which will help you those students who are looking for best book for their syllabus. So this post contain about the Best 5 Mathematics Books for B Tech 1st Year Students so you can easily know which books you prefer for your study in your 1st year of B Tech.

In this post we collect Best 5 Mathematics Books for first year students usually many students can’t decide to which book best for him and yes they all new in B Tech course and obviously how they know which book will good for us that’s why we try to suggest best 5 books so you will get idea or suggestion which author book prefer for their academic year.

We Collect Best 5 Author Books for Mathematics of B Tech students so we think these books will help you to easily your study also help in getting good marks in your exam. And we all know that Mathematics is a very tough and hard subject so I recommend to all students who weak in Mathematics please don’t compromise in selection of book if you choose best author books so of course they will be helpful for you so keep in mind this thing. After check many student reviews we decide to mention those 5 books for those students who searching best books for him.

Best 5 Mathematics Books for B Tech

Advance Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig, Wiley publication

Advance Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig is a one of most popular and useful Mathematics Book for B.Tech students and lots of B.Tech Students prefer Advance Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig book for prepare their mathematics and they all said this book really helpful for us so Advance Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig is good books for those students who are looking for Best Mathematics Book for B.Tech Course. I would like to recommend you Advance Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig for batter study and preparation. One more option for you if you don’t like to chose Advance Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig book so don’t worry please check below book hope you will like it and start your preparation with it.

Advance Engineering Mathematics by Peter O’Neil, CENGAGE publication

Advance Engineering Mathematics by Peter O’Neil, CENGAGE publication is a one of most popular and useful Mathematics Book for B.Tech students and lots of B.Tech Students prefer Advance Engineering Mathematics by Peter O’Neil, CENGAGE publication book for prepare their mathematics and they all said this book really helpful for us so Advance Engineering Mathematics by Peter O’Neil, CENGAGE publication is good books for those students who are looking for Best Mathematics Book for B.Tech Course. I would like to recommend you Advance Engineering Mathematics by Peter O’Neil, CENGAGE publication for batter study and preparation. One more option for you if you don’t like to chose Advance Engineering Mathematics by Peter O’Neil, CENGAGE publication book so don’t worry please check below book hope you will like it and start your preparation with it.

Higher Engineering Mathematics by BS Grewal,Khanna Publishers

Higher Engineering Mathematics by BS Grewal,Khanna Publishers is a one of most popular and useful Mathematics Book for B.Tech students and lots of B.Tech Students prefer Higher Engineering Mathematics by BS Grewal,Khanna Publishers book for prepare their mathematics and they all said this book really helpful for us so Higher Engineering Mathematics by BS Grewal,Khanna Publishers is good books for those students who are looking for Best Mathematics Book for B.Tech Course. I would like to recommend you Higher Engineering Mathematics by BS Grewal,Khanna Publishers for batter study and preparation. One more option for you if you don’t like to chose Higher Engineering Mathematics by BS Grewal,Khanna Publishers book so don’t worry please check below book hope you will like it and start your preparation with it.

Advanced Engineering Mathematics Tenth Edition

Advanced Engineering Mathematics Tenth Edition is a one of most popular and useful Mathematics Book for B.Tech students and lots of B.Tech Students prefer Advanced Engineering Mathematics Tenth Edition book for prepare their mathematics and they all said this book really helpful for us so Advanced Engineering Mathematics Tenth Edition is good books for those students who are looking for Best Mathematics Book for B.Tech Course. I would like to recommend you Advanced Engineering Mathematics Tenth Edition for batter study and preparation. One more option for you if you don’t like to chose Advanced Engineering Mathematics Tenth Edition book so don’t worry please check below book hope you will like it and start your preparation with it.

Engineering Mathematics (Volume – II)

Engineering Mathematics (Volume – II) is a one of most popular and useful Mathematics Book for B.Tech students and lots of B.Tech Students prefer Engineering Mathematics (Volume – II) book for prepare their mathematics and they all said this book really helpful for us so Engineering Mathematics (Volume – II) is good books for those students who are looking for Best Mathematics Book for B.Tech Course. I would like to recommend you Engineering Mathematics (Volume – II) for batter study and preparation.

Hope after check our Best Mathematics Books for B Tech 1st year Student post you have satisfied with our collection if really you like it so please don’t forget to share with your friends and classmate so this post will help him too. Please Drop your comment on below comment box also suggest us if you have any best book for Mathematics so we share it too with all students.

REET Syllabus 2020 -REET Level 1, Level 2 Exam Syllabus Pdf

Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan will manage the written test of REET 2020 in February month 2020. Now Board of School Education uploaded the REET Syllabus 2020 on the official website for the candidates. Also, the department has extended the last date for application submission t 07 December 2020. So candidates who have all set to appear for the written test of REET can check REET Level 1 Syllabus 2020 from the official website for the examination.

Candidates can check Syllabus for Level 1, Level 2 from the last table for all subjects like Child Pedagogy, Languages, and all other subjects. Here we are activating the link to download the Pdf file of Syallbus For REET Level 2 Examination 2020. So candidates can easily visit the official website for checking of the Syllabus for the written test. REET has full name Eligibility Examination For Teacher. The test also called by name RTET. So candidates who have submitted their application process can download the Pdf file of REET Syllabus 2020 in Hindi for the Level 1, 2 examinations.

REET Syllabus 2020 Level 2

Every time, Board of School Education Rajasthan conducts the written test of REET for the eligible candidates. The test is basically conducted to provide the eligibility to the candidates for the teacher recruitment. After qualifying the REET exam candidates can apply for the teacher recruitment whenever released in the Rajasthan to select the best teachers. REET exam conducts in two level in which Level 1 and Level 2. In the Level 1, only those candidates appeared who want to become a teacher for class 1 to 5.

And level 2 is for those candidates who become a teacher for Class 6 to 8. Candidates who looking for the Level1, 2 Syllabus Pdf file can download it from the official website. The written test of REET will manage on dated 11-02-2020. So candidates need to download the REET Syllabus 2020 Level 1 Hindi from the official website for the written test. The exam will conduct in the Hindi and English both languages. So aspirants can download the REET 2020 SYllabus For Level 1, 2 from the official website before doing the exam.

Information For REET 2020 Level 1, 2 Syllabus Pdf File 2020
Department   Board of School Education Rajasthan
Test Name   Eligibility Test For Teachers
Exam Date   11 February 2020
Syllabus   Available
Category   Syllabus REET 2020
Last Date To Apply   07 December 2020
Exam Type   Written Test

REET Syllabus 2020 Level 1 Download

The REET exam will conduct on two levels for the eligible candidates. Both the exams will conduct for 150 marks in which minimum 60% marks are qualifying marks for REET 2020. Candidates have to score the minimum qualifying marks to get the qualified certificate for REET 2020. Also, candidates can grab their REET Syllabus 2020 For Level 1, 2 from the official website before the examination.

As from the official information, there are so many eligible candidates who submit their application online to appear for REET 2020 exam. So candidates who are searching for the REET Syllabus 2020 can download the syllabus from the official website for the test. Here the steps are also available to easily download the Syllabus for the REET 2020 exam. So that candidate can easily download the Pdf file of Level 2 REET exam from the official website by using the steps.

How To Download REET Syllabus For Level1, Level 2 Pdf File 2020

  • Firstly, eligible candidates visit the official website for Syllabus.
  • Now search for the REET 2020 Syllabus link at the official portal.
  • Then click the link to open the Pdf file for respective subjects level wise.
  • Download the Pdf file of REET Syllabus to prepare for the exam.
  • Finally, Syllabus for REET Level 2 will on the computer screen.

Important Links For REET Syllabus 2020

Level 1 Subjects Syllabus Link
Child Development & Pedagogy Check Here
Language II
Environmental Studies


Level 2 Subjects Link
Child Development & Pedagogy Download Here
Language I
Language II
Social Studies