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Wish to write your own article? Interested in voicing your opinion to the world? Then yes, we’ve got you covered!

We primarily accept articles in the niches like career planning, job opportunities, student media and freelancing opportunities. So, you can contribute as a guest writer with your unique articles and ideas. Guest post submissions are accepted at Drop us a mail and we’ll get to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, fill-up the form on the contact us page.

Please note the following while sending in your guest posts:

  • You must have a good command of English and grammatical accuracy must be maintained as far as possible.
  • You must have a good knowledge of the subject you wish to write about and factual accuracy must be strictly maintained. At the moment we are only accepting articles on Education/Jobs/Career opportunities.
  • A 100 per cent original content with detailed and comprehensive writings (preferably in between 1400-1500 words) on the topic, a pointwise demonstration and explanation with examples, etc. so that our readers find it valuable.
  • If you use copyrighted images and other media, give the creator proper credits.
  • You will not aggressively promote commercial links, products or ads within your posts. Neither your guest posts will contain any commercial links rich in the anchor text. However, a backlink or two can be permitted to sites of your choice in the author bio (or in the body if it is extremely relevant). In short, hyperlinks must be natural.
  • Lastly, send us a post only when your reason to post is not only getting links back to your own site.