NEET 2020 Books List – Best Reference Books (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) For NEET UG

NEET 2020 Books List – Best Reference Books (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) For NEET UG – Various changes are being made in the NEET examination. But the candidate appearing for NEET must not focus on the confusion going on around. Instead, he/she must continue studying hard. The only thing that should bother the candidates should be regarding good reference books.

Books are as important as the warrior’s sword in the battle. Best books can help you win your battle of clearing the exam. But it is up to the warrior how to make use of that word. The candidate must study every important point and study all questions from the syllabus.

There are so many books available in the market that students often get confused regarding the selection of books. So here we are sharing the complete list of Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology Books For NEET 2020.

Best Physics Reference Book List For NEET 2020

Everyone agrees on the following statement : “Physics is the toughest subject”.

The above statement is not stated by us but by many subject experts and toppers of the exam. The 45 questions of Physics need lots of study which includes theory questions as well as numerical. To solve these type of questions, the candidate must study the formulas and concepts well. It is also required that the candidate must be able to imagine the situation very well. These 180 marks are very important for students whose dream is to be the topmost medical candidate. So here we are listing few best NEET 2020 Physics Book which you can refer while studying for the exam.

  • NCERT Physics Class XI & Class XII
  • Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma
  • Objective Physics By DC Pandey
  • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker
  • Fundamental Physics by Pradeep
  • Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov

Best Chemistry Reference Book List For NEET 2020

One of the difficult subject to understand is Chemistry. The various chemical reactions and formulas make the subject difficult for few students. While many find it easy and scoring subject. The 45 questions asked in the exam will consist of 180 marks. The NCERT books are considered as the best books for NEET exam. Other than NCERT Book, Physical Chemistry by OP Tondon, Dinesh Chemistry Guide or ABC of Chemistry by Modern can be the best buy for Chemistry subject.

  • NCERT Chemistry textbooks for Class XI and XII
  • Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon
  • ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 by Modern
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee
  • Dinesh Chemistry Guide
  • Practise books by VK Jaiswal (Inorganic), MS Chauhan (Organic) and N Awasthi (Physical)

Best Biology Reference Book List For NEET 2020

We saw that Physics and Chemistry consists of 45 questions each. But when it comes to Biology, subject carries 90 questions consisting of 360 marks. With no doubt, the candidate needs to to focus on Biology which has the highest weight age of marks. Also, Biology is considered as the scoring paper by many. Candidates are advised to use NCERT Biology Class XI and Class XII textbooks. Biology Vol 1 & 2 by Trueman or Objective Biology by Dinesh can be used as the other reference books.

  • NCERT Biology Class XI and Class XII textbooks
  • Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Trueman
  • Objective Biology by Dinesh
  • Objective Botany by Ansari
  • Pradeep Guide on Biology
  • GR Bathla publications for Biology